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This Is Me

I love my family, friends, and life!

I'm a proud Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Cousin, friend to many, and a respected business executive who enjoyed a successful traditional corporate career.

Adoring most simplicities of life, I'm most fond of and grateful for the beauty of nature, the unconditional love and curiosity of animals, exploring and learning all that worldly travel provides, watching the sun rise (especially on the beach), any kind of adventure, mountain biking, yoga (hot yoga is my fave!), the personal growth that comes from learning new things, tap dancing (and can do this myself!), trying new kinds of beer, and Prosecco (especially on mornings at the cottage!)

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Get To Know Deb: Welcome
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Get To Know Deb: Welcome


This about covers what I'm all about!

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Get To Know Deb: Team Members

All my roles, responsibilities and relationships in my lifetime make me an expert in experience-sharing and learning for the greater good.

My decision to retire from a successful corporate life involved suffering a lost identity and collapse of who I was; what my purpose was. Clarity struck only after a devastating series of events.

I hurt so much I had to make a change - and did!

Taking a personal pause in my corporate life was the beginning of my transformation which ultimately led me to this new chapter.

Get To Know Deb: About Me

Spotlight On Important Causes I Support

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,

Nothing is going to get better. It's not."

~ Dr. Suess

Survivor Advocates For Empowerment

SAFE is helping survivors of gender-based violence towards recovery and beyond.

The purpose of SAFE is to address and prevent specific barriers faced by families by providing:

  • Peer support, discussion groups, outreach programs and workshops to individuals and their families affected by gender-based violence

  • Educational programs to and consulting with community organizations on gender-based violence

🌼 "There's Always Hope"

~Lorraine Rollo

Those words, have served Lorraine in her own survival mantra, but have also become her personal mantra as she sets out to serve others. 

Lorraine is a survivor of domestic violence and abuse. Her experience, story, and being a survivor, is giving her the courage, strength and drive to advocate for the others that are out there, those who have been victimized by violence. Those “others” who are silent, want to be free of their silence, even those who are fresh out of breaking their silence, or sadly those who have succumbed to the worst silence of all – a permanent silence.

🖊 Pens4Purpose

Pens4Purpose is a humanitarian initiative from the inaugural leaders2inspire retreat in March 2019.

One of the primary causes I support is improving the lives of children living at the New Creation Kids Orphanage in La Paz, Mexico through the sale of their handmade wooden pens. 

Pen sales helps fund the day to day operational expenses at the orphanage as well as giving older children hands-on woodworking training for future employment. 

One hundred percent of the proceeds are donated to help with education, nutritious food, utilities, safe shelter, and medical access which contributes to their self sufficiency. Each pen is forged onsite using both local and imported wood and donated machinery. 

If you would like a pen, $20 each, please email me at

💗 leaders2give (nonprofit organization)

Leaders2Give has a calling for improving, sustaining, and supporting the lives of people in need. They raise money,  donate time, and provide opportunities for others to step up and join the movement.    

They endeavor to inspire, teach and empower leaders who possess the skills required to solve the problems facing society.

They provide opportunities to convert ideas into action through hands on work in developing communities where you experience tangible results in a real life setting. 

Leaders2Give has embarked on an ambitious project to build a temporary home for children whose families are experiencing a medical crisis.

This home is being built on donated land in El Cardonal and is mostly focused on single mothers and children living in poverty.  

Get To Know Deb: Packages & Rates

Partner Showcase
People helping people

Because true fulfillment in life doesn't come from what we get, it comes from what we give.

I happily share my resources with clients and with the greater community because I believe that everybody should have access to the information and tools that I've had. 

Check out some of my favourites below and contact me if you want to learn more.

Brand Creek Creative Co.

Make waves with a breathtaking brand.

Jo-Anne at Brand Creek Creative provides a full-service branding agency service - creating complete branding packages that build reputation, spark engagement and pull in profit.

Based in Toronto they work with local and global clientele on influential brand identities and impactful marketing campaigns.

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