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Be happy.

Be sure.
Be fulfilled.

Let an expert with experience and perspective help you get a fresh start to your day.

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Need motivation to become your best self?

Want a positive outlook on life?

There's a good chance I've been in your shoes.

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Get guidance and inspiration from:

Someone who transitioned out of a traditional career to one of passion and purpose.

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✅ Passion Pursuer

✅ Inspirational Author with the series of Deerdra Stories

✅ Your Guide for 'All Things Good' (newsletter)

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✅ Co-founder/facilitator of humanitarian experiences

✅ Coach, Mentor, and Executive Leader

✅ Ally with survivors of domestic and gender-based violence

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Hi, I'm Deb, your expert in perspective and experience.

My passion is to help you be happy, be sure, and be fulfilled; by helping you find, follow and live your passion and purpose.

Having you here means you've already started your journey! Way to go! And, thank you too; by being here I get to continue mine.🙏

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What makes me qualified to help and guide you? 

I'm 27 years a Mom and 30 years a wife. That means my unique skills include crisis management, conflict resolution, peace keeping, and project management. I also have empathy and compassion.

Call me the Queen of Devotion, too.

I'm a worthy listener, decent negotiator, and brilliant compromiser. Yup, being adept is on the list too - at balancing the family budget of course. 

I may not get a 'Mom of the Year' or 'Wife of the Year' award 🤷‍♀️ but take pleasure as a nominee. I'm certain of this: these great set of foundational skills ultimately afforded me the 35 years of business leadership I have under my belt.

I've been in your shoes.

Years of success. Supportive family and friends. Always knowing it was possible to make an impact.

Then this happened.

Struggled to get out of bed every day. Tried to 'fit in' to professional pressures - some of which were riddled with personal conflict. Tired of the 'ol boys club'. Unfulfilled at work. Uncontrollable emotions caused by an empty nest. Coping with loss.

And on top of it all: menopause! Can you relate? 

I did it and you can do it too!

As a servant leader, with all this lived experience and unique skills, I'm combining coaching, mentoring, writing and story telling so that you can:

1. Become your best self.

2. Achieve a positive outlook on life

3. Find, follow, and live your. passion and purpose.

4. Be happy, be sure, be fulfilled.

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Live life with passion, purpose & pride!

Calling on both my personal experience with teamwork and three decades of professional experience with high performance and servant leadership, I offer unique insight on working and living with purpose.

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Feeling Good with

Humanitarian Experiences

I organize and facilitate humanitarian volunteer experiences in The Baja California Sur Region of Mexico.

This life-changing cultural experience includes an opportunity to volunteer with under-privileged children as well as the local animal rescue shelter - all the while embracing the incredible local Mexican culture, cuisine and community.


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Good allyship with


I volunteer with SAFE - Survivor Advocates for Empowerment in a few ways:

1) Serving as Director & Treasurer on the Board of Directors.

2) Providing operational oversight for the organization.

3) Member of the Fundraising Committee.

SAFE is a survivor-led non profit organization supporting survivors of gender-based violence through recovery and beyond.


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Doing Good with

Downsizing Solutions

I oversee operational effectiveness for Downsizing Solutions.  When needed, I help seniors navigate and move through transition by directly supporting individuals and families downsize their home, prep their home for sale, move/unpack them + more.

Click here to watch a clip of my guest appearance on the Savvy Senior's TV show.


Click on the button below to get in touch with me to learn more about these projects and initiatives.

Or email me directly at

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Oh My Good!

You deserve to be happy, sure and fulfilled.

'The Goods' is a free subscription of goodies arriving in your inbox.

The Goods Library is a series of links below, giving you immediate access to inspiration and tips. (btw: it's free, courtesy of me!)

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Isn't it time for you to be happy, sure, and fulfilled?

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