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Never Again Will I Have ...

March 8th was International Women's Day. Many celebrations took place, and appear to be continuing all week. That is so refreshing, encouraging, and necessary.

Throughout this week I reflected on my own professional career, Actually, I've been reflecting for a while, not just this week. I am humbled by the men and women who have supported me, mentored me, and with whom I have tremendous friendships and partnerships. Those same people surround me with a common sense of purpose which includes supporting gender equality.

Included in my reflections were some of the best times of my life. Some not so great times too. Sure I had 30+ years of success. Yes, I had supportive family and friends and always knew it was possible to make an impact, but admittedly, at the end of my professional career I struggled to get out of bed everyday. This happened for a few reasons. I had been trying to 'fit in' to professional pressures that I had personal conflict with. I was tired of the 'ol boys club, and I was feeling unfulfilled at work. In the thick of it all I was coping with various forms of loss AND was knee deep in menopause. It all sure took its toll.

I know I will never again have that type of experience largely because I'm wiser about inequality. I'm actually wiser about many things. Most importantly, I've regained the power and control of myself back. I'm also influencing, advocating, and I #choosetochallenge corporations to fix their gender inequalities while also celebrating women's achievements. I've got myself to a happy place where it's time to embark on my series of stories and books. I want to tell the world all about my experiences and perspectives in a witty creative kinda way.

In addition to writing, this is also what I'm truly honoring and amplifying now:

Workplaces should support everyone to feel they have work which is fulfilling ... work they feel passionate and purposeful about.

In this blog I'm intentionally linking you to our leaders2inspire blog, as I wrote the post this week for us. I am a monthly contributor to the leaders2inspire blog. In there, I share how one man made the difference for me, 😍 and how another so fondly credits me with being his first mentor in business. 😉

Below you will find the video of that candid conversation It's my first public sharing of some of my experiences. What a week to do it in, don't you think?

Watch it to find out who both men are, and what I/we have to say about gender inequality.

Click here to read the full leaders2inspire blog.

Here's to strong women!

May we know them.

May we be them.

May we raise them.

Fondly & "inDEBted" ...

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