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One World-One Person-One Moment.

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

“To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.”

~ Dr.Seuss

To know me is to know I adore Dr. Seuss. His many quirky but inciteful stories, quotes, and lessons have inspired me for life (at least 25 years anyways when our family library grew with many of his books).

I didn’t realize how much this Dr. Seuss quote affected me until I started actively journaling and writing the manuscript for my book. My desire to write is an affection really. I have an affinity for affection (if there is such a thing — if not, well I’ve invented it). The type of affection I crave comes from life and living. I sooooo appreciate this more-so than ever right now.

Last year, I started actively writing. Some of my writing has made its way to my blog. This blog, and my last few blogs, were influenced as I delved into my creative side; and in parallel, designing also my personal brand.

Rhyming blogs may not be popular, at least until January 20, 2021. I wondered how impactful my rhyme-time stories would be to others. That is until I heard Amanda Gorman on the 20th. She captured her moment, in verse, and blew away the world; including yours truly. I was deeply motivated after I heard her speak. I’m proud to say that poetry is a fond past time of mine. (Dr. Seuss inspired of course). Poetry — in all forms — brings back fond memories of my late Grandmother. She wrote poetry her entire life, and even published two poetry books. She also lived to be 101.

Last year I was on a writing roll. In the Fall I changed routines (in more ways than just what COVID prompted me to do). I allowed myself to get distracted. Damn. I realize how much writing, and versing, serves me well, and really is a desired habit, with lofty goals attached to them.

Since my last blog, one of my favourite “C” words has kicked into high gear. I’m creating something. I’m super excited about it. It’s going to be good.

I leave this blog with some Amanda-inspired words — in the meantime — that rhyme.

Life and living: it matters right now; — “Present” has always mattered, It is a virtue I vow.

What stems from my roots, — Lifestyle, outlook, passion — my guide, Navigates and narrates my path and routes.

So then, the past matters too — It got me to here And shapes what I do.

My meaningful actions along the way, — Genuine; with certainty to serve A framework for how I live each day.

So, life in its presence, — Is a life full of life, Giving is living; my mark in essence.

Our goals should be, — Since we won’t live forever To leave something that will: A Legacy


Between now and then, the steps we take The words we say, the choices we make; The learnings and lessons and paths of the past, Should be meaningful — as those memories last.

Fondly & "inDEBted" ....

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