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“There Is No One Alive Who Is Youer Than You”.

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Said Dr. Seuss.

(my idol inspirator/author)

I say:

Taking care of you starts with you,

And, to have healthy relationships too;

The people around you help you to be you.


Relationships are a powerful force of connection which are the keys to living a long, happy, and healthy life. The most important relationship is with YOUrself. Time invested with YOU helps you be a better YOU. I know because I’ve had some time with (and for) myself, and I’m better for it. Being a better me allows me to appreciate all the relationships I have — the people I’m connected to who inspire, support, and believe in me. Those positive relationships of people who care about me, who free thee from judging me — the type of relationship peeps I feel truly safe with. Like, I mean all those amazing peeps I share deep lasting friendships with — the ones who helped me when I needed it the most. Those peeps I share incredible memories with — like the ones I’m related too, those with whom I have mentored and/or inspired — and those who have inspired and mentored me.

Of course, my biggest glory is the immensely adored relationships I have with the devoted one I married (27 years ago) and the two grown children I’m sooooo proud to call my daughter and son — who’ve I’ve watch grow up to become responsible, caring, and amazing humans.

On the contrary, powerful connections don’t always yield healthy relationships. The misuse of power has devastating impact. Concurrently, spending too much time in a bad situation can make you miserable and it affects your health.

I know because a few years ago I was there.

I describe it as a brain freeze; a temporary shut down. It happens with too much stress and forces of potent power causing ‘always-on-guard’ relationships. Quite frankly it was exhausting.

So with a little bravery, a whole-lot-a faith, a BIG bag of lessons learned, and a ton of experience — I moved on. I successfully transitioned out of a traditional career into one of passion and purpose.

Here I am in my new chapter; a place in which room and space have been made for the more valuable and purposeful things in life. I’ve surrounded myself with all the healthy relationships that make me happy. I’ve discovered when you “get better” you “become better”; and that healthy relationships result when there is acceptance and appreciation.

I believe each and every one of us is our own magnificent creation — so it’s not selfish to make (and keep) ourselves a priority in mental wellness. After all, it affects how we think, feel, and act.

The value of my own voice is one I’ve come to accept and appreciate myself, and I’m using it to lift, empower, and serve others.

A few last words to say (for now):

Here’s to new adventures ahead,

More writing in store,

With excitement to learn more.

To share,

To care,

Both as mentor and mentee —

All to build an even stronger,


More valuable — me.

Fondly & "inDEBted" ...

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